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Miss You Status and Quotes

Miss You Status and Quotes

  • I miss you more than words can say.
  • As old saying claims: we are what we are thinking about. As for me, I`m thinking of you. What about you?
  • I hope you are thinking of me as often as I am thinking of you...
  • I wanna write I Miss You on a rock and throw at your face, So you know how much It hurts to miss you.
  • I miss all of you, So much.
  • When I Listen to My Heart, It Whispers only your Name..!
  • Me & my heart we got issues, don’t know if I should hate u or miss you.
  • Roses are red, violets R blue, I’m counting the days until I can finally see you.....
  • I'm Officially Missing You!
  • Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.
  • Life is so short, so fast the lone hours fly, We ought to be together, you and I. Miss You So Much.
  • I am a fish out of the water without U.
  • Missing Someone Is Your Heart’S Way Of Reminding You That You Love Them.
  • Even If I Spend The Whole Day With You. I Miss You The Second You Leave.
  • He’S Not The Only Guy In The Universe, But He’S The Only One That Matters.
  • I Go To Your Page Because I Miss You, Then Regret It Because Of What I See.
  • Life Is So Short, So Fast. The Lone Hours We Ought To Be Together, You And I.
  • I Really Miss You But Probably Not As Much As You Miss Me, I’M Pretty Awesome.
Miss You Status and Quotes

Miss You Status For Boys

  • “i die every day, every second without u.”
  • “i will wait..till the day i can forget U… or the day you realize YOU cannot forget ME.”
  • My eyes await ur return. Please come back soon. i miss you…!!
  • Until God closes my eyes, i can’t imagine life without u.. Miss You
  • When i Listen to My Heart, it Whisper only your Name..!
  • i dropped a tear in the ocean. The day u find it is the day i will stop missing u.
  • i miss u more than the sun misses the sky at night
  • When i Miss U.. i read Ur old messages.
  • Yu have no idea how hard it is to force myself to stop thinking about u.i Miss You
  • if ever i see u smile & know that it is not for me, that is when i will miss u the most.
  • MiSSiNG someone is a part of loving them…!!
  • A day without u is always incomplete. i Miss u Dear.
  • You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean & the beat in my heart. i Miss U..
  • The worst moment is that when both are missing each Other but do’nt wana tell..If You Can’T Get Someone Out Of Your Head, May Be They Are Supposed To Be There.
  • I Miss You Dearly My Heart Aches, My Head Is Lost, I Really Miss You. I Love You.
  • When Your Mood Is Not Good Without Any Reason, You Are Definitely Missing Someone.
  • I Try Not To Miss You. I Try To Let Fo. But In The End. You’Re Always On My Mind.
  • I Keep Myself Busy With Things To Do, But Everytime I Pause, I Still Think Of You.
  • Sometimes It’S Not About Missing Someone. It’S Wondering If They Arr Missing You.
  • You May Not Be Here With Me But Thoughts Of You Are Always In My Heart. I Miss You.
  • I Saw You, I Wanted You, Got You, I Liked You, I Loved You, I Lost You, I Miss You.
  • One Day I Caught Myself Smiling For No Reason, Then I Realized I Was Thinking Of You.
  • I Miss You More Than Ever ! I Don’T Know Why When You’Re The One Who Broke My Heart.
  • Within You. I Lose Myself….Without You….I Find Myself….Wanting To Be Lost Again.I want you to be not only in my thoughts but also in my life! Be my love…
  • Perhaps one day we will meet again as characters in a different story, maybe we’ll share a lifetime then.
  • You are my paradox. You are the love letter that I can’t read anymore. The same one I refuse to throw away.
  • I left the light in my heart on in case you ever wanted to come back home.
  • They said: “Write the longest sentence you know.” I wrote: “A life without you.”
  • I think about you now and then about all the mornings that could have been.
  • I’ve lost you and will live on forever in a dwindled life without you.
  • Half of me is missing … and the other half is missing you.
  • Not a day goes by that I don’t look at your picture and smile. Or cry. Or both.I miss your smile, your face, your hugs. I miss you.
  • I am missing you and its killing me.
  • I have never missed anyone in my life as much as I miss you.
  • I miss you like crazy.
  • I miss you like an idiot misses the point.
  • I miss you and I feel so alone.
  • I miss you.......I do not know what else there is to say.
  • My eyes await your return. Please come back soon. I miss you…!!
  • Come Here. I Miss You.
  • When I Close My Eyes, I See You. When I Open My My Eyes, I Miss You.
  • I'm tired of missing you, I just want you right here by my side.
  • Before I sleep and after I wake up and all the hours in between .. you occupy my mind. So, practically every moment of the day you are in my thoughts. I miss you.
  • When the night has come and the land's dark, when the moon is the only light we'll see, look at the stars, can you count them? I miss you that much.
  • If You ask how much I miss you, I might just say 'a lot', Coz when you are away, I feel so lonely, I try to be okay, but I cannot.
  • You Are Away From My Eyes But Near My Heart, Miss You.
Miss You Status and Quotes

Miss You Status For Girls

  • I Am Waiting Here For You.
  • You Really Miss Me But Probably Not As Much As I Miss You.
  • If You Can’t Get Someone Out Of Your Head, Just Call That Person.
  • Whenever My Mood Got Disturbed, You Are In My Mind.
  • A sky full of stars doesn’t amaze me anymore since you are gone. Nothing seems special without you. Come back soon. I miss you!
  • My days are boring and times are still. I can feel weights of loneliness on my feet. When will you be back? I’m missing every bit of you!
  • Since the time being with you became a necessity for me, missing you became a torture. I can’t bear the loneliness without you. Miss you so much!
  • You are like the cooling wind on a boring summer noon. But this year the summer seems a little too long. I miss you! Come back soon.I Try Every Method To Not To Miss You But Everything Reminds Me About You, I Miss You.
  • I miss you in waves and tonight I’m drowning. Denice Envall
  • If it’s real they’ll find you no matter how far you go. R.M. Drake
  • My dear friend, I miss you very much. I want to share so much with you.
  • My world is thinning and it’s all because of one person I’m missing. Sanober Khan
  • I wonder if that’s just how it feels to miss someone so bad like being stabbed in the gut a little bit, each time you think of them. Kate Ellison
Miss You Status and Quotes

Miss You Quotes

  • If I miss you any harder my heart might come looking for you. Gemma Troy
  • There should be a little gap between you and your friends, though you’ll miss their companionship and you’ll also miss their disrespect. Michael Bassey Johnson
  • Friendship is unbreakable by distance and unchanged by time. Our friendship is genuine and nothing and nobody will destroy it.
  • You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known – and even that is an understatement. F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • The memories we have created together are priceless. I can’t wait for creating new ones! I miss best friend and I am waiting for you.My Heart Is Full Of Your Memories And My Mind Is Just Doing One Thing That Is Missing You.
  • I Saw You, I Wanted You, Got You, I Liked You, I Loved You, I Lost You, I Miss You.
  • Whenever I Want To Smile I Just Start Thinking About You, But After I Start Crying Because I Start Missing You.
  • I Miss You More I Miss Anything Else Because You Stick Together With My Broken Heart Pieces.
  • I Miss You More Than I Miss Me.
  • While people live in a different city or a far away country for doing their job / business, they miss their loved ones so much.
  • You have left me and now I am very much alone in my lonely world.
  • No matter how far you are away from me but in my heart you shall always be very near to me.
  • Nothing in my status, its empty
  • I want to dip into the deep oceans of your eyes again,just ask my destiny to give me the chance. Miss you dear miss you always.
  • I don't show but you are the only one who runs always in my mind.
  • Surfing my phone gallery is the proof that i am really missing you a lot.The Worst Part Of Missing Someone Is You Don’t Know Are They Missing You To Or Not.I miss you when I'm not with you.. when I'm not with you all I do is think about you..when I think about you I just want to be with you.. and when I'm with you it's like all of my dreams have come true. I love you.
  • Today I m feeling so low as you are not with me, I miss u every moment wherever I maybe I miss you with every beat of my heart, no doubt you are the only one of whom I can think about!
  • Today I miss u, Yesterday I missed don't worry about tomorrow, I will always miss u, and that is a promise miss U Forever.
  • I miss you when something really good happens, because you are the one I want to share it with.”
  • “You are always with me.. in my thoughts.”
  • “I feel bad when you miss me, I feel sad when you don’t.”
  • “A hug for you means I need you. A kiss for you means I love you. A call for you means I’m missing you.” ― Beth Obedoz
  • “Time goes by a lot slower when you miss the one you love.”
  • “When you miss me just look up to the night sky and remember, I’m like a star; sometimes you can’t see me, but I’m always there.”
  • “You may be out of sight but never out of mind, I miss you.”
  • “The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.”
  • “Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.”
  • ause our souls are connected.”
  • “Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.”

Miss You Status and Quotes

Miss You Status and Quotes

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